LPS at a Glance

On this page you may find a brief overview of the main facts about the LPS, helping you view the Faculty at a glance.


Allameh Tabatabai University



The LPS has 6 Departments, namely the


To date, 30 degree programmes are offered in the Faculty. The programme names are briefly available in the following table.



Degree Programmes Offered in the LPS

Degree Programmes in Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Allameh Tabatabai University


Faculty Members

To date, a total of 78 full-time faculty members are providing educational and research services to students at Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD levels. As of November 2020, a total of .... visiting lecturers are also providing part-time support to the teaching activities in the Faculty.

The graphics below provide a summary of the faculty members by their ranks and Departments; moreover, ratios of students are also offered by gendre and degree levels.


LPS at a glance




LPS is currently publishing 5 journals. The journals are listed below. You can read more about the journals on our Peer-Reviewed Journals page or click on each link below to visit the journal websites.


>>  Journal of Criminal Law Research  <<

>>  Journal of Private Law Research  <<

>>  Journal of Public Law Research  <<

>>  Journal of State Studies  <<

>>  Journal of Strategic Research in Politics <<




There is a library in LPS, keeping a catalogue of more than 70000 volumes in English and Persian.

There are also hundreds of Masters theses in the library, and users may enjoy free online access to all theses and dissertations at ATUs Digital Library portal.