About the Faculty

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (LPS) was founded in 1997. LPS offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in Law, Political Science, and International Relations. The Faculty is well-known among the academia as an important institute of higher education aimed at teaching and conducting research in Law and Political Science.

To date, 78 highly qualified academic staff are providing teaching and research services to 402 undergraduate and 1259 postgraduate students in this Faculty. Moreover, about 40 staff are facilitating the administrative and leadership of LPS.

The LPS has currently 6 active Departments. You can click on the names of the Departments below to visit their pages:


LPS Library



Located in the Central Campus, the Faculty of Law and Political Science is set up in four floors, contains 35 classrooms, 80 offices for the academic staff, and 10 conference rooms. More facilities shared with other Faculties of the central campus include:

  • 2 computer workstation;
  • 1 library, cataloguing more than 69420 volumes in English and Persian;
  • A Central Library and Documentation Centre;
  • A mosque;
  • 2 reading rooms, one room dedicated to PhD students;
  • 1 restaurant, in 4 floors;
  • A large sport complex, including swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and basketball, volleyball, and football saloons, among others;
  • 2 buffets.


Student Restaurant, Allameh Tabatabai UniversityMosque and Museum, Allameh Tabatabai University

LPS LibraryLPS Conference Room

Sports Complex, Allameh Tabatabai UniversityCentral Campus Yard, Allameh Tabatabai University